Both of my knees have been troubling me recently. Another doctor recommended knee replacements. I wanted to find a doctor that was willing to consider other treatments. I heard about Dr. Temming. Dr. Temming is now my physician and his treatments and recommendations are working very well. I have since sent my brother to Dr. Temming for his knee arthritis and he is doing well.


Dr. Temming has been a great provider of medical care. For 15 years he has made it a point to keep me educated about my situation, and patient in allowing me to adjust to the treatment. I would recommend him without reservation to family, friends, and colleagues.


I want to express my appreciation to Dr. Temming. I have been coming to him for 20 years and really can’t find the words to say how great he has been. He is also very kind and caring. He has helped me so much. I think he is a great doctor and friend. My knees were in bad shape. I am 84 years old and walking fine.


The absolute best service. Personable friendly staff. Every measure taken to ensure there is no discomfort. The results are amazing.


“I’ve dealt with severe knee pain for some time now. Simple things like standing up and walking down stairs were so painful that many days, I was limited to doing nothing but sitting around with an icepack on my knee. I decided I needed to see a specialist, so I called Dr. Temming.

First of all, Dr. Temming was thorough. He asked a lot of questions to get an idea of my medical history, examined my knee and even examined a set of x-rays I’d previously had done. He explained that I showed signs of knee arthritis and suggested that I get a cortisone injection to relieve the pain. I was skeptical, as I’d heard horror stories about painful knee injections given by primary care doctors. But Dr. Temming is a specialist, so I figured I’d give it a try.

Throughout the entire process, Dr. Temming made it a top priority not only to keep me informed, but also to make me as comfortable as possible. He gave me a Novacaine shot to numb my knee and even used an ultrasound machine to visualize the placement of the injection to ensure accuracy. He asked repeatedly if I was experiencing pain—and I wasn’t. I didn’t feel a thing!

It’s been three weeks now since I’ve had the shot, and I’ve had no knee pain. Needless to say, I am extremely pleased with the results, and incredibly grateful for Dr. Temming.”


I have been a patient of Dr. Temming for several years. Dr. Temming is a wonderful doctor, being so easy to talk to. Once before, I had my knee drained at the hospital and it was very painful. Dr. Temming did the same thing at his office and I felt nothing! Dr. Temming uses ultrasound on the knee and can easily see where to put the injection. I was so relieved, very comforting.